Jaxton Wheeler is one hot fucker. He’s a well trimmed hairy muscular jock from head to toe. If he let his body hair grow it would probably be a total forest but there’s something about his impeccable manscaping that drives us wild. He loves playing football and the mental image of this naked muscle hunk coming at you on the football field hoping to tackle you to the ground and work you over should give you fodder for lots of fantasy jerk off sessions.


But for now you get to watch the real thing, playfully rubbing the nipples that sit atop his massive chest. Gliding his meaty paw up and down his beautifully erect cock then letting it wander around to the round globes of his perfect bubble butt, teasing his hole just enough to make him hungry for a good pounding. And you can tell that he cums as hard as he works out because when he does he shoots a think gooey load all over his rock hard stomach.


  • Aka: Valentino (CM)
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Weight: 200lbs (91kg)
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (173cm)
  • Birthday: 1987
  • Nationality / Heritage: American
  • Ethnicity: White


Ten seconds after completing my interview with Jaxton Wheeler, I started kicking myself for not asking certain questions. The beefy, 26 year-old bisexual porn star has been on a winning streak in his latest string of scenes for The Guy Site and MEN.COM, and if there were a contest for being an honest, open book in interviews, he’d be on a winning streak there, too. In less than three questions, he opened up to me about his struggles with steroid abuse, and his frankness only continued from there. We discussed what bisexuality means to him, performers he did (and didn’t) enjoy working with, and even touched upon his early bareback work with Chaos Men. This, my friends, is an interview you don’t want to miss. – Dewitt Photo credit: MEN.COM Read what Jaxton had to say (and see more pics) below:   After a brief hiatus, what brought you back to porn? Good question. The industry was changing fast. MEN.COM actually came out with those free to view sites. I had just started working with Randy Blue, and Randy had just started getting into web cam. I’m not one to sit on a web cam all day, and they began only wanting to shoot models that cammed. So, I didn’t really go on hiatus by choice. I just didn’t have any quality offers. I went through a year period off steroids, as well—I was off in my latest shoots with MEN.COM—so I was trying to reinvent my look a little. Oh, how so? I grew a point on my beard, stayed fully hairy, and as much as I love ice cream, cut down on sugar so I could lean and harden up. The beard is half appearance alteration, half done for social acceptance within the music community here in Las Vegas. You need to be a character. Let me rewind for a second to the “steroids” aspect. It seems more and more performers are being open about their struggles with steroids. Are they more common in the industry than most people think? Let me put it this way. If you see anyone in this industry with muscle, or their shoulders look like boulders… They are on juice. It helps with performance as well. I just got back on almost a month ago, but I do very little at a time. I’m just trying to slim down and cut up as to sharpen my image, but the better you get yourself to look, the more pressure to maintain that look. Being in the public eye when you’re baring all is a lot of pressure. Well, I’ll tell you, I think you’re looking better than ever these days! Thank you. I come from a much different background than most of these guys. I’ve been an extreme athlete since I was 12. I fell into this because of a stint I had doing bodybuilding, and I used to post posing videos when I was all natural. I’ve known since I was 20 the gay community loved me. Let’s build upon that. You “came out” as bisexual on Twitter not too long ago. Did you come to that realization before entering the industry or while immersed in it? I’d say while immersed, and it’s still something that isn’t the norm either. Though I can only date women, and they are my personal preference for regular sexual encounters, I have no problem being naked around another man and interacting with them in such a way that is sexual. If you ever catch me at a bar, you’re not going to get me into bed if you’re a guy, unless you know my rates or unless there is a woman involved as well… But within the threesome action, I’d fool around with the guy too. So you’ve done MMF threesomes before? Yes, it’s hot. It was with a client and he tells that story everywhere he travels around the world. I think my best porn would be working with a male and female. Maybe I’ll start making those on my own soon. There’s a huge gap in the market for that content! Even as a gay man, I’m sorely disappointed by the lack of quality bisexual content out there. I would thrive in a bisexual scene. Are there any studios that just mainly do that? I know within me building the Jaxton Wheeler brand, it’s something a portion of my fan base would enjoy. It might slight others though, so its a balancing act. Oh, absolutely! Gay porn fans are very fickle. Personally? I would kill to see you getting rammed while eating pussy. That would be a hot scene, and I’m sure it will happen within the next few years. Either I’ll produce it myself, or my popularity will start to gather attention from straight companies as well. One can hope so. Do you actually enjoy bottoming as much as it looks like you do? You’ve been knocking it out the park, recently. That’s what I’ve been told. I don’t think anyone enjoys bottoming as much as it seems like I do. I make it seem almost cartoonish. But in a very genuine way! I remember when Ty Roderick was fucking me in the orgy scene [from There’s Something About Johnny]. We went all at it, and all the other models just stopped and stared. Stole the show from Johnny Rapid. I noticed that! Johnny even looked like he threw some shade in your direction. The kid isn’t a star. He’s new and gullible. If I had the help he has getting into this—with the hook-ups for pushing social media attraction—my name would of landed hot on the scene too… But I started off barebacking for Chaos Men and didn’t care too much about promoting myself. Do you think the bareback work you did with them, as “Valentino“, hurt your career? Oh, absolutely. Just the other day Titan wanted to work with me, until I told them about the work I did with Chaos Men. So you won’t be seeing Jaxton in any Titan scenes. And, now, Chaos Men doesn’t even want to work with me, because I went and worked for Randy Blue. But honestly? I wouldn’t do bareback again. Industry politics! It’s all such nonsense. Who, ideally, would you like to be working with right now? Ideally, Randy Blue, but they don’t have enough work. I was trying to become exclusive with MEN.COM, but for whatever reason, they didn’t want to offer me a contract… Which I found weird. I know there are probably a lot of things said about me behind closed doors that I’ll never find out about, but I guess one of the things that put me on hiatus was the lack of anyone taking me seriously enough to want to sign me and make me a regular thing. I hear that. So do you actually have solid plans to launch your own site and do it for yourself? Yes, I’m in talk with some developers in San Francisco. Looking at a late March, early April launch. If you want to put the word out, I’m open-eared to investors and potential models that are interested in working with me. Well, I can certainly help with one of those. What qualities are you looking for in models? People that at least look healthy. You don’t need to be shredded or ultra thin. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian. Race doesn’t matter. I’m assuming male or female, as well? How would you feel about working with someone who’s trans? Hmm, I had a recent conversation with someone. I was talking about how I’d like to become a sex symbol, and they reccomnded that I stay away from trannies. I think, though, that if they have the breast implants, long hair, take the hormones to give them that female voice and soft skin, I could see it easily working. What about someone who’s female to male?  Someone who used to be a female and is now male? Someone born with female genitalia who identifies as male. Not to be overly politically correct or anything. Oh, well, if they have a pussy and they don’t look like something out of a Rob Zombie family fuck horror movie, they can identify as a reindeer for all I care. I’ll fuck ’em. Gotcha. Any fetishes you’d like to explore on your own site that you haven’t been able to do on camera in the past? I think what would be cool is four plus guys riding each other at the same time, kind of stacked on each other. Put the muscle guy on the bottom and twins towards the top… But the MMF threesome is definitely a big one. I’d like to get into fuller roles as well. More story line, more props, more costumes. I’d love to do a Spartan-themed shoot and really just get creative. What about something like two chicks spit-roasting you with strap-ons? I’m just throwing ideas out there. Hmm, what is spit-roasting? I love it when a hot girl spits in my mouth. Haha, getting done in both ends. I’d let a girl strap it on and fuck me while another smothers me. My thing is squirting. As far as males go, the models I enjoyed working with most were Ty Roderick and Caleb [Strong] from my first Randy Blue scene. What, in particular, did you enjoy about each of them? Mostly, their personalities. They’re cool guys. I’ve been in contact with Caleb since. He’s stayed with me out here in Vegas, and I plan on join to Salt Lake city soon, so who knows? Maybe my site will take off sooner than expected. Ty and I came to find out we ran track against each other back up in Maine. Small world. Small world, indeed! I’m only asking since you’ve been so honest so far, but is there anyone you downright HATED working with? Hated the last guy I worked with on Randy Blue. He was a horrible bottom. Just complained, and we had to stop every two minutes. I was like, “Bro, it’s going to hurt. Let’s just get over this.” My first dick was over 10 inches, and I took it like a champ. Braden Charron? Thank heavens for editing, because that scene turned out very hot. Unrelated, I’ll never forget the load you blew on Colby Keller. That was quite the load. But I guess that’s not a question. To switch up gears, where did the name Jaxton Wheeler come from? Jaxton started off as Jaxton Asher.  I got “Jaxton” from the Jax on Mortal Kombat, the guy with the metal arms. “Wheeler” came from the fact my legs have always been like tree trunks. Your legs, I’d say, are one of your greatest assets… But I guess that’s also not a question. Thinking about your thighs got me distracted, I suppose. I’m also getting into clothing design soon as well. Going to do underwear for myself to help create a brand and, also, women’s leggings. Will you model the women’s leggings yourself? Some people would be into that. I could, but being in Vegas, I know so many girls that wear them. They find me sexy as hell, so it won’t be hard to get them to start wearing my brand. I’m no fool, though. I may not be a college grad, but I’m always thinking and striving for more. I was only joking around about you modeling them! So beyond that, what else do you have on your plate? You’re still pursuing music, as well? Yes, I started the music a little over two years ago an, what people fail to realize about me is, I started into fitness when I was age 12. I personally developed all that you see now—my symmetry, looks, yada yada—so with the music, I plan on taking 5-8 years to develop into an artist, then develop an act, then tour. I’ve already performed twice here in Vegas with my own band, and we got good reviews… But band politics is something that is a real issue, so I’m currently rolling solo. Well, I don’t want to keep you too long! To wrap it all up, why don’t you let us know where fans can find you? Fans can stay best connected currently through my twitter feed, @JaxtonWheeler. Everything is Jaxton Wheeler. Facebook. I’m big into Google +, too. My email is, and the website will start as Be prepared to get lots of creepy fan mail! I’ll probably get drunk and send you pictures of my asshole later tonight. You wouldn’t be the first.